Compass Coming Soon

Drive buyer interest and buzz with Compass Coming Soon,

which gives prospective buyers a glimpse of your home

before it officially comes on the market.

Why Pre-Market?

Pre-marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do to help sell your home. 

If you look beyond real estate, from Hollywood releasing trailers for movies before they come out, Tesla getting thousands of people to sign up for a car that won’t be ready for two years, and fashion brands debuting a forthcoming collection at a runway show, all of these industries have mastered the art of pre- marketing to create interest and demand.

A Coming Soon listing will do the same thing for your home - create excitement and anticipation for the property so that when it officially comes to the market days later, you have multiple private showings scheduled and over two times the visitors at the first open house.

What Can You Gain?

Fewer Days on the Market

Valuable Pricing Feedback

2.4x More Visitors at 1st Open House

41% of Coming Soon Listings Sell off Market

Looking to Sell Your Home?

Learn more about what we provide to our sellers and how we can maximize your return.

The Seller Experience
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