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Where to Find Local Honey In the DMV

Lex Lianos

Lex Lianos is an award winning, top producing Realtor...

Lex Lianos is an award winning, top producing Realtor...

Jul 10 4 minutes read

Sourcing honey locally is a practice steeped in benefits that extend beyond its delightful taste. Firstly, local honey is celebrated for its potential to alleviate seasonal allergies. The pollen spores in the honey, collected from the flowers around you, may help your immune system adapt to potential airborne allergens. Furthermore, choosing local honey supports the livelihood of neighborhood beekeepers and fosters sustainability. These beekeepers tend to their hives with practices that prioritize the health of the bees and the environment, thereby promoting biodiversity.

When you opt for local honey, you're not just buying a jar of honey but investing in the local economy and environmental conservation. Each purchase aids in sustaining the local bee population, which plays a crucial role in pollinating nearby crops and wild plants, enhancing the area's ecological balance. 

With a taste that captures the essence of Northern Virginia’s unique flora, local honey offers a flavor as rich and diverse as the landscape from which it originates. Whether drizzled over your morning yogurt or used to sweeten a cup of tea, local honey is a choice that feels as good as it tastes. Consider switching to local honey—not just for its robust flavor and health benefits but for the thriving community and environment it supports. 

How to Find New Hives is a resource that helps you find local honey from hives, apiaries, or beekeepers in Virginia. The website allows users to select their area from a list or map to view available honey products, including raw honey with local pollen, Manuka honey, and honeycombs. The site also offers updates on honey availability and supports local beekeepers by providing them a platform to list their products. For those interested in local honey in Virginia, this website is a comprehensive tool.

Manassas Olive Oil

Discover the pure, local charm of Wildflower Honey from the Manassas Olive Oil Company. This honey, harvested right from their own hives in Virginia, promises an unadulterated taste of the region's natural flora. Available in both 8 oz and 1 lb jars, it offers a golden opportunity to enjoy something truly local and fresh. 

The bees at Manassas have diligently collected pollen from local wildflowers to produce honey that's not only delicious but also a direct product of the Virginia countryside. Enjoy this sweet, local treasure, knowing it supports your health and local beekeeping practices.

Cherry Blossom Honey

If you live in the Arlington area, you might have heard of Cherry Blossom Honey. They keep bees and humanely remove bee infestations. Their honey has all the charm of ultra-local flavor with the 4oz Mini Jar of Local Honey from Cherry Blossom Honey, sourced directly from the DC-Arlington area. This delightful small mason jar captures the essence of the region’s natural beauty, making it a perfect addition to your tea, a cheese platter, or a unique gift. Each jar is filled with pure, sweet honey that not only tastes good but also supports local beekeeping. Ideal for those who appreciate artisanal products with a story, this honey is a taste of DC in every spoonful.

Virginia Honey Bees

Virginia Honey Bees started as a hobby in 2010 and has grown into a notable provider of local raw honey and bee-related products in Virginia. Their offerings include 100% pure raw honey, cut comb, honey straws, creamed honey, and all-natural bee balm. Their products are tailored to support local ecosystems and are beneficial for those with allergies. You can find their products online or at local farmers' markets, with seasonal variations that highlight the unique local flora.

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